About Antonucci & Company

Antonucci & Company has been serving Westchester County for over 60 years and the name in synonomous with trust, professionalism and expedient service.  Jeff Tuccillo took over Antonucci & Company in 1989.  For over 25 years he has been maintaining the company's solid reputation while modernizing operations to meet personal and business clients' requirements for access to financial professionals, eFiling and security.  In a time where big box culture has permeated everything including financial and tax preparation services, Jeff Tuccillo and his family have continued the spirit of this Yonkers community pillar, demonstrating that the romantic American small business story of personal service and access to premier professionals is still available in your neighborhood.

Jeff Tuccillo has served the Westchester community for over 25 years by providing accounting, tax preparation and financial services. He has a business degree with specializations in accounting and marketing and is an expert in preparing federal and state tax returns for individuals and small businesses. Jeff leads a team of financial and accounting professionals at Antonucci & Company who share his values of helping clients  maximize their savings and addressing their specific tax needs. Jeff and the Yonkers accounting office team also assist clients in resolving IRS and State tax issues.

Call Antonucci & Company today at 914-237-1725 to discuss your 2020 tax preparation and filing needs.